Kami5 (God 5) describes the top 5 most popular members of IWB48.Fans use the results of the IWB Saizensen Vote each year to determine who are the Kami5 of that year.Even if some girls fall out of the top 5,they are still considered a Kami (examples: Akaike Amy,Shimotani Kara,Akagi Ayumi).After the swap in 2012,they pick the number one members from each Team's Saizensen,and the two members that reached number two with a higher ammount of votes than the third member that reached number two.

Kami5 by YearEdit

2010 2011 2012 2013
1.) Akutagawa Suzume (Team I) 1.) Hiroyuki Jun (Team I) 1.) Hiroyuki Jun (Team I)

1.) Akutagawa Susume (Team I)

2.) Hiroyuki Jun (Team I) 2.) Genji Ran (Team W) 2.) Akutagawa Suzume (Team I) 2.) Akagi Ayumi (Team W)
3.) Shimotani Kara (Team 8) 3.) Akaike Amy (Team I) 3.) Genji Ran (Team I) 3.) Shimotani Kara (Team 8)
4.) Hideyoshi Chisa (Team I) 4.) Akutagawa Suzume (Team I) 4.) Akafuka Fuujo 4.) Ueyama Erika (Team 8)
5.) Ooga Akemi (Team W) 5.) Shimotani Kara (Team 8) 5.) Ishiguro Kumiko 5.) Genji Ran (Team I)


  • This is just like AKB48's Kami7 and Nogizaka46's Shichi Fukujin 
  • Hiroyuki Jun,Genji Ran and Akutagawa Suzume are the only members to be on the Kami5 more than two times.
  • Hiroyuki is the only member to be number one on the Kami5 list twice in a row.