Shimotani & The Rockies (下谷のロッキー山脈) is an IWB48 sub unit formed on February 19,2012.It consists of two members from Team 8 and one member of Team W.Shimotani & The Rockies is a rock band.


February 19,at the IWB48 Request Hour Set List Best Ongaku concert event,the formation of Shimotani & The Rockies was announced.The group's line up consisted of: Shimotani Kara (Team 8),Ueyama Erika (Team 8) and Akafuka Fuujo (Team W).The same day,the title of their debut single was released.The single's title was "Secret no Kiss".

March 11,the release date of the group's debut single was released.The release date for Secret no Kiss was April 12,2012.

April 12,Secret no Kiss was released.It reached #2 on the Oricon Charts,with 64,607 copies sold.

December 11,Shimotani & The Rockies recieved the award of "Most succesful J-Pop Sub Unit of 2012".

March 19,Shimotani & The Rockies released their debut album,ROCKIES REACH NUMBER ONE.


  • Shimotani Kara  (下谷カラ;Leader) Main Vocal,Bass
  • Ueyama Erika (上山エリカ) Sub Vocal,Drums
  • Akafuka Fuujo (別名風花巫女) Sub Vocal,Guitar


Studio AlbumsEdit

  1. [2013.03.19] ROCKIES REACH NUMBER ONE


  1. [2012.04.12] Secret no Kiss (秘密のキス; A Secret Kiss)
  2. [2012.06.09] ROUND THE CLOCK!
  3. [2012.09.16] Kanji wa Muzukashiidesu! (漢字は難しいです!; Kanji is Hard!)
  4. [2012.11.29] HIT RECORD
  5. [2013.05.17] Haru no Jouji?! (春の情事; A Spring Fling?!)
  6. [2013.07.01] Watashi no Shiten (私の視点; My Perspective)


  • Shimotani & The Rockies is the most focused on IWB48 sub-unit.
  • Shimotani was named the official leader of the group the day after the release of their debut single.
  • They were supposed to start out with an indies debut,but the plan was dropped.
  • Ueyama named this group "The epic rock version of Buono!".Buono is a trio unit under the Hello!Project.